Meet the team of
ACP Business USA

Ana Clara Pimenta is a distinguished professional in the realm of Business Administration, boasting a degree and specialized licenses for income tax preparation in the United States. As the CEO of ACP Business, she leverages her extensive knowledge and expertise to guide small and medium-sized enterprises towards financial success.

Ana Clara's proactive approach and deep commitment to staying current with state regulations have been instrumental in helping businesses navigate complex financial landscapes and ensuring compliance. Passion fuels Ana Clara's every endeavor. Her genuine enthusiasm for her work shines through, inspiring confidence in her clients and driving them towards achieving their business goals. With a strong foundation in Business Administration and a keen understanding of taxation, Ana Clara empowers investors to confidently take ownership of their ventures, fostering a culture of entrepreneurial success.

What truly sets Ana Clara apart is her remarkable ability to foster meaningful relationships. Fluent in three languages, she effortlessly connects with diverse communities, particularly in the Brazilian and Hispanic enclaves of Florida. Her cultural proficiency and genuine care for her clients make her a trusted advisor and a linchpin in the local business ecosystem, creating lasting impacts on the entrepreneurial landscape.


Jay Ramirez stands as an ardent advocate for the financial prosperity of small businesses and individuals. Armed with a robust foundation in accounting and taxation, Jay delivers not only expert advice but also a level of professionalism and responsiveness that instills a sense of confidence and peace of mind in his clients.

Since obtaining his registration as a tax preparer in 2014, Jay has honed his expertise in tax return-based financial planning. He firmly believes that strategic tax minimization today serves as a powerful catalyst for bolstering wealth in the future. Through meticulous attention to detail and a keen understanding of the intricate tax landscape, Jay empowers his clients with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate their financial journeys effectively.

Jay's approach transcends mere numbers; it is rooted in a genuine desire to see his clients thrive. He understands that behind every financial statement lies a unique narrative of hard work, dreams, and aspirations. By tailoring his guidance to the individual needs and goals of his clients, Jay ensures that they not only achieve fiscal success but also gain a deeper understanding and control over their financial well-being.

Bruna de Abreu is a skilled administrative and financial secretary with a track record of efficiently managing office operations and financial processes. Her attention to detail and problem-solving abilities have contributed to enhanced productivity in multiple organizations, making her an invaluable team member.


Our Values

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Our Goal

Our goal is to leverage cutting-edge financial technology to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and provide insightful data analysis for our clients. By incorporating advanced software and platforms, we aim to offer more comprehensive and efficient accounting services, ultimately leading to increased client satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

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Our Vision

In our accounting office, we envision a future where unwavering integrity, unparalleled expertise, and steadfast trust form the bedrock of our values. We strive to empower individuals and businesses alike, guiding them towards sustainable financial growth and prosperity. Our commitment to transparency, accuracy, and ethical conduct fuels our mission to be the trusted partner our clients rely on for their financial success. Together, we aim to forge a path towards enduring financial well-being, creating a legacy of trust and excellence in every interaction.

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Our Values

In our practice, we hold steadfast to a foundation built on ethics, transparency, integrity, and unwavering commitment. Our paramount goal is to meticulously fulfill all legal accounting obligations, ensuring continuous compliance with the latest regulatory standards.